Cabernet Sauvignon has thick, dark-green rounded leaves with 5 pronounced lobes that overlap to form the classic and easily recognized “dimple”, making it easy to recognize this variety. The clusters are little, with small grapes with thick skins that lend greater concentration of colour, flavour and tannins, producing powerful, structured wines.

Recognized around the world, this variety has found its second home in Chile and is widely cultivated in the Aconcagua, Maipo, Cachapoal, and Colchagua valleys. The high solar exposure and cool breezes that blow down from the Andes Mountains combine to ensure consistent grape-ripening and outstanding quality.

Deep ruby red color.

Intense red fruity aromas, cassis and black plums along with subtle and elegant hints of black pepper and graphite.

Great volume with a juicy texture and tasty fruity flavors in
perfect balance with subtle touches of vanilla.

It pairs very well in general with red meats in various preparations
such as grilled, roasted or stewed. It can also be enjoyed with mature

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