Carmenère has medium-sized leaves with five lobes that overlap slightly and new, young leaves that are a characteristic orange colour. At the base of its lateral sinus, the leaves often have a tooth that sticks out. Its clusters are small with bluish-black berries that produce deeply-coloured wines with a smooth, elegant texture and good structure.

This variety has become one of the most emblematic red wines in Chile, reappearing among Merlot vines a hundred years after it was believed to have become extinct after a plague scourged the vineyards of Europe where it originated. Chile became its refuge in the world, with the Colchagua Valley being the place most planted with this variety.

Deep ruby red color with violet hues.

Intense black fruits aromas of gooseberries, blueberries and plums, along with hints of spice and chocolate notes.

Nice texture in mouth, with round and juicy tannins, that together with its fruity characters and coffee notes at the end, lasts in a wide and very pleasant finish.

It pairs very well with more spicy foods, as well as preparations that contain grilled or cooked vegetables, white meats as well as fishes.

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