Cinsault has dark green, rounded leaves with five well-defined lobes and a closed petiolar sinus in the shape of a deep V. It has large clusters and berries, which produce deliciously fresh wines that are light-coloured and fruity, with a smooth, pleasant mouthfeel.

Cinsault thrives in poor, dry soils as it is highly vigorous, and in Chile it has found its home in the southern part of the country, with especially interesting results in the Itata Valley.

Bright and light cherry red color.

Intense aromas of fresh red fruits such as sour cherries, raspberries and strawberries.

Fresh and smooth on the palate with intense fruity flavors of
pomegranates and fresh cherries together with a nice and balanced

It pairs well with casseroles, stews, white meats, and sausages or
interiors with a higher fat content such as rolled and/or sweetbreads.

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