Malbec has medium-sized, whole leaves that are an intense green colour with many straight teeth and an open petiolar sinus in the form of a U or V. It has loose, medium-sized clusters with mid-sized, black-coloured, fleshy grapes that produce smooth, perfumed, fruity wines with good colour and a pleasant texture.

This versatile variety adapts well to a variety of climate types, and in Chile it is grown in regions that are cooler than its ancestral home of Cahors in south-eastern France, producing fresh, elegant wines.

Deep and brilliant purplish red color.

Intense aromas of currants, blackberries and sarsaparilla along with subtle and tasty notes of sweet tobacco, cocoa and floral touches.

Pleasant and juicy texture with tasty and intense flavors of
red plum and cherries as well as subtle hints of anise and toasted
almonds at the end.

It pairs well with stews, pasta and game birds. You can also enjoy it with cheddar or gouda type cheeses.

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