Merlot’s leaves are medium-sized and a little elongated with slightly overlapping borders and new shoots that are white in colour, making it possible to distinguish it from Carmenère, which otherwise looks similar. It has mid-sized, loose, conical-shaped clusters and produces medium-bodied, velvety wines that are elegant and highly food-friendly.

This is one of the world’s most-produced varieties and it is widely planted throughout Chile. While it has often been confused with Carmenère because they look similar, it has now been clearly identified and is able to reveal its full potential in wines of international renown.

Deep and brilliant ruby red color.

Intense aromas of black fruit such as blackberries, plums, currants and figs, with tasty notes of cassis, cloves and pepper.

Medium-bodied with a juicy and pleasant texture on the palate that is accompanied by its fruity flavors along with sweet caramel notes that are complexed with subtle touches of tea leaves.

It pairs well with a wide range of foods, from preparations with vegetables, such as soft and stewed meats, as well as with a good roast of leaner red meats.

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