Pinot Noir has medium-sized, dark green leaves with three to five lobes that are not very pronounced. It has small clusters of thin-skinned berries of a bluish-black colour that produce light-bodied, moderate-coloured wines with great aromatic intensity, featuring fresh red fruit notes with hints of spice and floral tones that evolve well in the bottle over many years, acquiring flavours that are even more complex, like forest floor and mushrooms.

This variety requires a good terroir with a cool climate, which includes places like Casablanca, San Antonio, and Bío-Bío in Chile. These areas are producing wines of great quality that are able to compete internationally..

Light ruby ​red color with violet hues.

Intense and pleasant fresh red fruity aromas such as strawberries, raspberries and cherries together with species of nutmeg and cloves.

Juicy and light texture with a refreshing acidity that enhances
its intense and fruity flavors of sour cherry, cassis and fresh plums.

It is a very versatile wine, that goes very well with fish and white meats, as well as appetizers with fresher and creamier cheeses.

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