Sauvignon Blanc’s leaves are round in shape with three to five even lobes, as well as rounded teeth and a very hairy underside. Its clusters and berries are medium-sized and produce lighter-bodied wines with fruity aromas and elegant, refreshing acidity.

This aromatic variety adapts well to cool-climate areas, and in Chile this means principally the Casablanca and Leyda Valleys, which are very close to the coast, with the Pacific Ocean assisting in revealing the variety’s freshest side.

Pale lemon yellow color with greenish nuances.

Fruity citrus-style aromas with slight notes of orange blossom and subtle herbal touches at the end of the nose.

It has a refreshing acidity with a light body mouth and pronounced flavors of grapefruit, lime and lemon along with complex salty and mineral notes.

Excellent as an aperitif on its own or alongside fresh summer starters and/or salads. It also goes very well with fresh fish and seafood.

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