Syrah has large leaves with five pronounced lobes and the young leaves on new shoots have crimson edges. With mid-sized clusters of dark, thick-skinned grapes, this variety produces aromatic wines with intense colour, medium body, and a smooth, flavourful texture, with complex aromas that can vary widely depending on the terroir they come from.

This versatile variety is transformed by the climate conditions, with bigger wines from warmer areas like the Colchagua Valley, and leaner wines from cooler valleys like San Antonio or Elqui in the north.

Deep cherry red color with violet hints.

Intense black fruity aromas such as blackberries, currants and blueberries along with light and complex notes of spices, leather and tobacco.

It has a fresh and juicy texture in the mouth with pronounced flavors of currants, murtilla and berries, as subtle notes of pepper.

It pairs very well with fattier meats such as lamb and roast duck. As well as with sausages and more mature cheeses.

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