Viognier has small, pentagon-shaped leaves with three to five pronounced lobes. The leaves are light green in colour, while the underside is slightly cottony. The small clusters of little, thick-skinned berries produce full-bodied, unctuous, aromatic wines with complex aromas that evolve well over time.

This variety is one of the least explored in Chile, but achieves good results when planted in granite soils in warm-climate areas, unlike the better-known Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

Pale lemon yellow color with greenish nuances.

Slightly floral with citrus and tropical style fruity aromas such as mango and guava, as well as characteristic stone fruits of peach and apricot.

It has a refreshing acidity that, together with its fruity flavors, remains pleasant and balanced on the palate with a long finish.

Ideal to pair with more spicy foods such as curries, chapsui, white meats, fish and/or shellfish.

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