Zinfandel has large, five-sided leaves with seven pronounced, deep lobes and a hairy underside. Its clusters are compact with medium-sized, bluish-black berries that produce fruity, well-balanced wines with good body and vibrant, juicy acidity, and great ageing potential.

This variety of Italian origin is very popular in the US, but not so popular in Chile, adapting well to diverse types of climate. The style of wine varies according to the terroir where the grapes are grown. Older vines in well-balanced vineyards produce particularly outstanding results.

Deep and brilliant ruby red color.

Ripe red fruity aromas with notes of dried plum, berries and cherries as well as complex hints of cooked apple and tobacco.

With a good body and fresh fruit present in the mouth, it is juicy and tasty with a long finish that has a pleasant and well balanced acidity.

Pairs excellent with dishes containing pork, lamb and sausages with deep and robust flavors.

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