A Winemaking Treasure.


Our Amaral Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc wines, of very limited production, come from two very specific and different vineyard Blocks: Nº 7 and Nº 34, that have unique characteristics, generating complex, fresh, mineral wines full of character.

The gently rolling hills of vineyards cover a diversity of soils that have become a true winemaking treasure: alluvial soil deposits from the Maipo River basin; calcareous soils of marine origin, and granitic soil from the Coastal Mountain Range. These give Amaral its distinctive seal.

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Block Nº 7
Soil origin Ancient alluvial
Solar Exposure South - West
Clone American 1D and franc
Wine Complex, elegant and delicate; marked structural acidity.
Block Nº 34
Soil origin Calcareous
Solar Exposure South - East
Clone French 242 and franc
Wine More austere on the fruit, fine minerality and very well defined structural acidity.


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