Terroir-driven wines

Great quality and diversity of Chilean wine.

ANTU - “Sun” in the Mapuche native language-, is MontGras’ terroir driven range of wines.

These Single Vineyards wines comes from the best terroirs of Chile for each variety, attaining to express the best quality and the great diversity that actually exists in Chile.

The identity and character of Chile's most renowned terroirs are clearly represented in these wines that unequivocally express their origin, carefully selected by our winemakers team leaded by Santiago Margozzini.

The selection of the ideal place for each variety added to segmented harvests, hand-picked grapes at their optimum moment of ripeness and the , let us to create wines that are full bodied, honest to their variety and origin, with vibrant fruit, becoming in MontGras' most award-wining range, consistently earning scores of 90+ points in nacional and international competitions as specialist press.


Maipo Peumo Colchagua Leyda Itata
Most renowned wine-region in Chile for Cabernet Sauvignon. Chile's prime Carmenere terroir. Chile´s most prozed wine-region, kown for its diversity of styles. On the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Chile´s most radical cool climate region. Chile's trendiest wine-region.
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ANTU Limited goes a step further, expressing unique lots within their origin that deserved to be showcased separately.

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Santiago Margozzini Head Winemaker


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