can still be at a loss for words.

Innovation. Diversity. Origin.

ANTU - “Sun” in the Mapuche native language-, is MontGras’ new exploratory range of wines.

With the eagerness and curiosity to explore new places and grape varieties, ANTU represents the adventurous spirit of our Winemakers. In these wines, the identity and character of a very special
terroirs, along with a signature winemaking style, is transferred to each bottle.

Our detailed vineyard mapping has enabled us to carefully select specific vineyard Blocks and lots within them, that give us limited yields of world-class grapes.

We carry out segmented harvests, hand-picking grapes at their optimum moment of ripeness to create wines that are full bodied, robust with vibrant fruit.

Specific Origins

Maipo Peumo Colchagua Leyda
Most traditional wine region in Chile renowned for Cabernet Sauvignon. Well known as prime Carmenere terroir. Most awarded wine region, renowned for its diversity of styles. On the coast of the Pacific Ocean, the most radical cool climate region.
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ANTU Limited goes a step further, expressing unique lots within their origin that deserved to be showcased separately.

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Signature Wines
Santiago Margozzini Head Winemaker


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