The Valley of the Sea

In Leyda, the newest winemaking region with the most radically cool climate in Chile, the best whites and cool climate red wines are produced.

In this region, the vineyards inching towards the coast seem to be inmune to the cool Pacific Ocean.

The vines spread over the ondulated hills of the region until almost reaching the sea, puting pioneer winemakers to the test.

Their efforts are retributed with fine whites, of crunchy acidity and great mineral freshness, and with spicy reds that are giving a lot to talk about.

The proximity to the sea, the effect of the cool Humboldt Current, and the lack of mountains in the region, allows the sea breezes that cool the air to enter.

Leyda’s coastal climate is reflected in short winters, with no more than 250 mm of rain, along with a dry summer due to the Pacific Ocean’s anticyclone that prevents rains in the warmer season.

The morning mist clear early, allowing sunny days, with high luminosity and a relative humidity over 60%.

This allows a slow maturity of the grapes, preserving the flavours and achieving good acidity and freshness.

Amaral surprises with the production of high quality wines that delight the palate with their character, given by their privileged location, terroir and climate.