Asia Winemaking Tour
28 Nov

Asia Winemaking Tour


Our Winemaker Cristián Correa, specialist in Cabernet Sauvignon, led an interesting tour in Asia to present consumers from 6 countries the Ultra-Premium wines of MontGras, especially Intriga & Intriga Maxima, that show the unsurpassable quality of the Alto Maipo terroir.  

The agenda - developed by the MontGras business team in Asia, led by Guillaume Leclerq, - lasted 30 days in China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Korea.                                                                  

Tastings, winemaker dinners, importer sales force training, master classes and interviews with the media, among other activities, allowed Cristián Correa to get to know this vibrant market very closely along with its consumers, wine lovers, eager to learn about Chile and MontGras wines.  

"It was a very entertaining tour, with an intense but very successful agenda, which allowed us to show our wines in the best way, to share with our importers and to learn more about the interesting and active Asian market," says Correa.  

Here are some photos of the 2016 Asia Winemaker Tour.

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