A Winemaking Treasure

Only 12 km (7 mi) sepate Amaral vineyards from the Pacific Ocean,  generating a semi-arid climate modelled by the strong marine influece, especially the cool Humboldt Current, along with the Maipo River basin that lends freshness, ventilation and protection against extreme low temperaturas. This double influence – marine and from the river -, makes Amaral a unique place.

At 150 m (492 ft.) above sea level, Amaral expands with 650 hectares (1,605 acres), of which 100 (247) are planted with Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Gewürztraminer and Pinot Gris. The maturity period of the grapes is slow, achieving an optimal development of aromas, flavours along with the perfect balance of sugar and acidity levels in the grapes.

The particularities of this unique vineyard in the Leyda Valley are generated no only by the different microclimates, solar exposure and altitudes. Its rolling hills are covered by diverse soils which have become a true winemaking treasure: of alluvial deposits, from the Maipo basin; calcareous from marine deposits, and granitic originated by the Coastal Mountain Range, give Amaral its distinctive seal.

Amaral has unique blocks with different orientations that allow variations in the maturity and composition of the grapes. With partial harvests, the wines reach the vineyard block’s unique characteristics.The potential of each vineyard block and its soils has been studied in ordet to extract the best from them.

The combination of these factors makes Amaral a special place to produce high quality grapes and ultimately, more complex wines que achieve exposing the characteristics of this singular terroir in each bottle.