A Unique Place on Earth

One of our emblem estates in Colchagua is, without a doubt, Ninquén. It became a pioneer vineyard in Chile when the mountaintop was planted, taking the vine to its maximum rigour, in a wild terrain.

Ninquén (nin-ken), which means “Plateau on a Mountain” in a native dialect, is located in the heart of Colchagua and its name literally describes its geographic condition. This island-mountain is a remnant part of the Coastal Mountain Range, is 300 metros (985 ft.) above sea level.

Its soil is of volcanic origin and it has rocky ravines, and varied native vegetation that is home to many species of birds. Our policy has been not to alter nature in its wild state but rather, become part of it to conserve the value of its natural state.

Founded in 1998, it in Chile’s first Mountain Vineyard. Vines are carefully planted in accordance with existing slopes to avoid excessive ground movement or possible erosion. The main varieties distributed in the 100 hectares (247 acres) are Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenère, Cabernet Franc, Grenache, Carignan and Pinot Noir.

The blocks face mainly northward, towards the Equator. Furthermore, temperatures are less extreme than the rest of the area: with a degree higher in the mínimum and one less than the maximum.  This, along with the other row orientations and very poor, shallow soils, give vines of low yields with enriched colour, superior concentration and different characteristics, resulting in the production of more complex wines.

We know that it´s not easy to plant and grow grapes in a wild, rugged landscape. It requires patience, determination along with sustainable farming practices and hard work. Our belief and understanding of the importance of the terroir when crafting a truly exceptional wine, has now been confirmed with Ninquén.