My Harvest

It’s harvest time! 

Working closely with the vineyard staff, you will handpick and select the grapes that will become a Premium wine of the year, enjoying the ideal climate of the sunny Colchagua Valley and the kindness of the local workers. 

Harvest in wine country is a festive moment. At MontGras we have rescued the “grape stomping”, millenary tradition from all the ancient cultures: Egyptian, Greek, Roman, etc. 

Bare feet, as done in the past, you will stomp on the grapes just picked, until getting the first grape-juice. Grape stomping is a long tradition as the stage of convergence between the economic and the social; individual and collective (love, friendship); work and play; nutrition of the body (food) and soul (art).

This experience can only be lived during harvest time (February to May).

With your Kids
This programme is also designed to be enjoyed with your children. Come live this family activity with us, so that together you give life to a very special wine. 

Kids learn the value of hard, teamwork and enjoy grape stomping!

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  • Arrival at the Visitor Centre.
  • 9:30 Activity begins.
  • Overview of the Winery and its wines.
  • Explanation of the activity and safety measures.
  • Handing over of materials (on loan).
  • Harvest for approximately 30 minutes.
  • The traditional stomping of grapes.
  • Tasting of 2 Reserva wines.
  • Duration: 2 hours.


  • 1 MontGras Jockey per person.
  • 1 MontGras Apron per person.
  • 1 Individual mineral water per person.
  • 30% discount on wines in our Wine Shop. (Not applicable or combined with wines that are already discounted and/or are in promotion.)
  • Materials to wash and dry your feet.

To take home

  • 1 MontGras Jockey per person.
  • 1 MontGras Apron per person.
  • 1 MontGras Kids Apron per child participating in the activity.

Programme Rate: Ch$27.500 per person and Ch$22.500 per child.


  • Subject to availability and changes according to need.
  • All outdoor activities must be confirmed according to the weather.
  • Only takes place during the mornings of February to May (harvest season).
  • Maximum 40 people.
  • Only with prior reservation and payment.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • Avoid starting fires.
  • Prices valid until June 2016; subject to change without notice.

    With Kids
  • Parents must be present with their children during the activity and are solely responsible for their care and safety.

Tour Schedules

*The activity starts at 09:30 hrs. Punctuality for achieving the programme is appreciated.

Day / Season Spring - Summer
03NOV - 30APR
Autumn - Winter
01MAY - 02NOV
Monday - Friday 9:30 During Vintage. 9:30 During Vintage and prior confirmation
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 9:30 During Vintage. Saturday & Holidays: 9:30 During Vintage and
prior confirmation.
Sunday: Closed.
Will only open for groups of 10
people or more with prior reservation and payment.
Wine Shop: Open from 10:00 - 17:30.


Rate per Person
Peso CLP $ US $
Rate / Season Spring - Summer
03 Nov - 30 Apr
Autumn - Winter
01 May - 02 Nov
Spring - Summer
03 Nov - 30 Apr
Autumn - Winter
01 May - 02 Nov
Adult $ $ N/A
Children (0-18 years) $ $ N/A

Inquiries and Reservations at - +56 (72) 282-2845