My Harvest

Enjoy an unforgettable experience at MontGras, harvesting the grapes from the vineyards and then foot-treading the grapes in the traditional way.

Have fun in a 2-hour guided tour at our Visitor Center, which is renowned for its warm and friendly welcome.

This activity is available to the whole family during harvest time (February 14–April 30).

Once you arrive at the MontGras Winery, your visit will start with a brief overview of the winery and its wines, including a personal guided tour through the cellar to understand the winemaking process.

After the winery tour, you will start your harvest experience. First we will explain the process and give you the materials you will need for the activity. Afterwards, you will have a well-deserved tasting of 2 Reserva wines.

As a gift each person will receive a MontGras baseball cap & apron.

Monday - Friday 9:00 (only in harvest season from February 14 to April 30)
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 9:00 (only in harvest season from February 14 to April 30)
Winter Season (01 May - 31 Oct) on Sunday is closed.
Adults CLP $27,500 (verano)
Children CLP $22,500 (verano)