Emporio by MontGras

Welcome to the Entrepreneur’s Emporium by MontGras!

At the heart of our visitor center, we invite you to discover a unique space where quality, sustainability and entrepreneurship converge. At the Emporio del Emprendedor, we are proud to support small entrepreneurs, especially those in our area, by giving them the opportunity to exhibit and sell their exceptional products.

You will find carefully selected sustainable products, created with passion and dedication by talented local entrepreneurs. From handicrafts to gourmet products, each item tells a special story and reflects a commitment to quality and respect for the environment.

By visiting us, you will be directly contributing to the growth and development of these entrepreneurs, as our sales drive their success and allow them to continue doing what they love. In addition, by purchasing these products, you will be supporting the local economy and promoting conscious and responsible consumption.

We invite you to explore our Emporio del Emprendedor by MontGras and immerse yourself in a world of creativity, innovation and flavor. Our friendly team will be happy to guide you and provide you with additional information about each entrepreneur and their products.


Cabrita Alegre

They produce 100% natural products from goat’s milk, with a healthy and innovative approach. They have a sweet line and a savory line, both are free of traces of cow’s milk, soy, gluten, refined sugar, colorings and preservatives.

Contact us:

Telephone number: +56 9 34125263
Email: ventas@cabritaalegre.cl
Instagram: @cabritalegre
P. Web: https://cabritaalegre.cl/

Veta Indomita

They are lovers of artisanal, rustic, native and endemic identity. They collect and promote creations made in Chile by Indomitable Artisans. They travel around Chile selecting handmade products that reflect the Cultural and Artisan Heritage, committing themselves to the quality and originality of each creation.

Contact us:

Phone: +56993107269
Email: vetaindomita@gmail.com
Instagram: @vetaindomita
P. Web: https://www.vetaindomita.cl/

Soul Fulgor

Family entrepreneurship in the Colchagua Valley. Plot dedicated to the cultivation of walnut trees without agrochemicals, making respectful use of water for irrigation, thus creating a unique product in the national market: young green walnuts in syrup.

They are elaborated with the complete fruit of the walnut tree, in green: seed, hard shell and outer layer (or peel). The cooking and sweetening process is slow, taking 9 days from harvesting to packaging.

Contact us:

Email: Contacto@fulgordelalma.cl
Instagram: @fulgordelalma


They support hundreds of women in their manual trades by integrating them and their communities into a circular economy network. They seek to promote and disseminate traditional Chilean crafts. Textiles with alpaca wool from the desert, basketry with island plants, objects with rocks from our Andes and wood from the southern forests. They promote fair trade, sustainable, earth-friendly, handmade and handmade with love. A project of Fundación “debuenafe”.

Contact us:

Phone: +56997310468
Email: pueblito@cordillerana.cl
Instagram: @cordillerana
P. Web: https://cordillerana.cl/


Olive oils of exceptionalexceptional quality, recognized y award-winning
around the world world.
Originally from the Leyda Valley in San Antonio,
currently also also have a field in PumanqueSanta Cruz.
Contact us:
Sales room Santa Cruz: +56 9 4946 0532
Sales room Pumanque: +56 9 7623 8328
Leyda Sales Room: +56 9 7588 2550
Instagram: @deleyda_official


It is a community of artisans, who with dedication and affection make unique handmade pieces of high quality, honoring the tradition of these noble crafts.
A handcrafted tradition through natural and sustainable raw materials: leather, wool, wood and seeds, taking care of the environment.
Contact us:
Phone: +56 2 2769 7216
Email: ventas@rupestre.cl
Instagram: @rupestre_artenatural

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