Produce wines sustainably has always been a priority for MontGras. That is why we ensure the execution of good practices in our vineyards, productive lines, with the relationship with our workers and the community in addition to caring of our environment.

Since 2011, MontGras has been certified by the Sustainable Code, an instrument of voluntary character, orientated in incorporating sustainable practices in winemaking companies. Monopolies such as the ones from Canada, Norway and Sweden officially recognize the certification and Chile as world leader of sustainable wines due to the National Code of Sustainability.

The good results obtained respond to the dedicated and committed labour of our people in vineyard, soil and waste management, the conscious use of water, energy and fuel. Also, we take care of nature and the environment, train our workers and maintain a constant commitment with the community.

Taking care of our surroundings.
We comply with regulations.
Active in our community.