Have you ever dreamed of becoming a winemaker and creating your own wine?

Playing with flavors and aromas, live an unforgettable experience, mixing up to 3 red varieties to imprint your identity and personal stamp. Once the mixture is ready, you will carry out the bottling, corking, capping and labeling process with manual instruments and under the instruction of the guide.

This program is also designed to be enjoyed with your children. While you make your wine, we provide them with materials to help you create a unique label. We serve them with a hot chocolate (in winter), juice or drink, cookies and cake.

date and times

From Tuesday to Saturday
Single start time: 12.30 hrs. daily
Punctuality to comply is appreciated
With the program

It includes

Activity Materials

– Calculators, cylinders, pipettes (loan).
– Three varieties of red wine to blend, bottles, corks, capsules and labels.
– Cheese.
– Mineral water.

to take home

– MontGras apron.
– A bottle of your Reserve wine to enjoy. 


· Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes.
· Arrival at the Visitor Center.
· Visit to the vineyards of the Garden of Varieties.
· Review of Viña MontGras and the wine process.
· General explanation of the activity.
· Make your own wine (taste, create the mixture
and bottle it).


Adult: $40,000 p/p.
Child: $35,000 p/p.


– Availability and changes according to agreement.
– Only with reservation and deposit payment.
– Maximum 20 people per group.
– No smoking.


In buying cases of wine

Not combinable with other offers,
promotions and/or discounts.

For doubts write to or +569 97338304 (WhatsApp only)