Make Your Own Wine

Experience making your own wine with the winery that pioneered this idea in Chile!

Dare to be a winemaker for a day, tasting different wines, creating your own blend, bottling it and also designing your personal label!

Over the course of an hour and 45 minutes, you’ll enjoy the complete wine experience, starting with a personal guided tour of the vines in our vine variety garden, followed by an interesting circuit around the cellar to understand the winemaking process.

After the winery tour, you can make your own wine. The process begins with a tasting of 3 different varieties, so that you can develop your own blend of them. Then you will bottle your wine, put in the cork and add the capsule, finally crowning your personal creation with your own label.

Kids are welcome to take part. They can join in the vineyards & winery tour and help you develop your personal label while you are creating the final wine.

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Tour Schedules

Day / Season Spring - Summer
03NOV - 30APR
Autumn - Winter
01MAY - 02NOV
Monday - Friday 12:30 12:30
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 12:30 Saturday & Holidays: 12:30. Sunday: Closed. Will only open for groups of 10 people or more with prior reservation and payment.
Wine Shop: Open from 10:00 - 17:30.


Rate per Person
Peso CLP $ US $
Rate / Season Spring - Summer
03 Nov - 30 Apr
Autumn - Winter
01 May - 02 Nov
Spring - Summer
03 Nov - 30 Apr
Autumn - Winter
01 May - 02 Nov
Adult $ 33.000 $ 33,000 N/A
Children (0-18 years) $ 17.000 $ 17,000 N/A

Inquiries and Reservations at - +56 (72) 282-2845